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Find out how we can help you navigate the complex world of lithium batteries! From permit applications to consultancy, environmental notifications and raising safety standards - our expertise in this area is at your disposal. Click through to discover how we are taking the safe storage of lithium batteries to the next level!

Our working method 

Risk inventory

Exploratory phase of permit application / notification

Insurance / competent authority 


We would be happy to visit you to carry out a risk assessment without obligation, in which we identify the risks within your company. We will then provide advice that is appropriate for your company. We will look at your wishes together and be happy to realize them! 

During this process we will find out whether you need to submit a permit notification or start a permit application. We can submit this for you together with a higher safety expert. 

Conversations that you do not have to deal with on a daily basis, having conversations with an insurer or making a plan with the competent authority in your region. We do this every day and can support you in this. With a well-thought-out solution and plan, these conversations often quickly lead to an agreement. 

In the previous process we arrived at a solution that suits your company, whenYOUexitPuntenDdocument (UPD) has been approved, we can proceed to delivering your safe solution 

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