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Fires Caused by Lithium Batteries in New York: Lagging Regulation and Prevention

In the bustling streets of New York City, alarming incidents have recently occurred - fires caused by lithium batteries. These batteries, widely used in electronic devices and even in energy storage systems, have led to severe fires with devastating consequences.

The Events The fires, spread across various neighborhoods of the city, have been devastating to both property and the safety of residents. In some cases, they have even resulted in personal injury. It appears that the abundant presence of lithium batteries, combined with improper use or faulty equipment, are the primary causes of these fire incidents.

Lagging Regulation

A concerning aspect of this situation is the lagging regulation concerning the storage and use of lithium batteries in the United States, especially compared to the strict standards outlined in the PGS37 guidelines in the Netherlands. In New York, there is a lack of clear regulations and adequate control mechanisms to ensure the safety around lithium batteries.

Why Lithium Fires Are Difficult to Extinguish

One of the challenges in extinguishing lithium fires is the reaction of lithium with water. When lithium comes into contact with water, it can react violently and even ignite. This makes traditional firefighting methods such as water and standard extinguishers ineffective at controlling lithium fires. Therefore, specialized firefighting methods and equipment are required to combat and manage lithium fires.

Prevention with Lithium Safety Containers

A crucial step to prevent such fires is implementing appropriate safety measures, such as using lithium safety containers. These specialized containers are designed to minimize the risks of fire and explosion in the storage of lithium batteries. If these containers were widely used in New York, the recent fires would likely have been prevented.


The recent fires caused by lithium batteries in New York underscore the urgent need for better regulation and preventive measures. With the right laws and safety regulations, like those in the Netherlands, and the use of lithium safety containers, we can improve safety and significantly reduce the risks of fires caused by lithium batteries.

Would you like to learn more about how lithium safety containers can help prevent fires caused by lithium batteries? Contact us today for more information and discover how we can work together to create a safer environment.

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