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The operation of a Lithium Safety Container

What is a Lithium Safety Container actually?

A Lithium Safety Container is based on a sea container. We convert this into a product that can guarantee a fire resistance rating of at least 90 minutes. Inside the container, we install insulating cladding and an aerosol fire suppression unit from AF-X Fire Solutions.

What are the different variants of the Lithium Safety Container?

We build the Lithium Safety Container in 3 different variants:

  1. The Lithium Safety Storage Container: This container is intended for storing lithium batteries. This can be done, for example, on pallets or in racks.

  2. The Lithium Safety Charging Container: This container is intended for charging lithium batteries. Customers who order these types of containers are often shared mobility or micromobility companies. This way, they can safely charge scooter or bike batteries in large quantities simultaneously.

  3. The Lithium Safety EOS Container: This container is intended to create an Energy Storage System (EOS). These systems are used, among other things, for peak shaving, grid reinforcement, trading on the energy market, or using excess solar energy at night.

How does a Lithium Safety Container work?

In a Lithium Safety Container, there are various detectors that can detect smoke, CO, heat, and hydrogen gas. The detectors can send a signal to the BMC (fire alarm control panel), which can then take action such as notification, suppression, and any further steps. When the fire brigade arrives on site, they can determine whether the aerosol has done its job sufficiently and isolate the fire from the rest of the container's contents. If this is not the case, the fire brigade can connect their fire hose via the Storz coupling to the container and start cooling the contents of the container. This way, all damage is limited to the container, and adjacent buildings and objects will not suffer any damage. Click below for a short demonstration video.

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