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Lithium Safety Containers B.V.

Your safety is our priority!

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The address for safe storage of lithium batteries!

We are leading in providing safe storage and charging solutions for lithium batteries. Lithium fire prevention is central to us - it is the core of our operations, our safety containers, and the expertise of our staff.

Ensuring the security of your workplace is paramount to us. Therefore, we have developed fire-resistant storage containers to minimize risks and prevent accidents. Our innovative products guarantee safe battery storage and ensure full compliance with the PGS 37 guidelines and regulations for battery safety. With our expertise in lithium safety, advanced storage containers, and dedication to your safety, we are your reliable partner in safely managing energy sources.

Why choose our lithium safety containers?

In today's rapidly evolving technological world, the safety and security of lithium batteries are of paramount importance. At Lithium Safety Containers, we offer leading lithium safety containers that provide unparalleled protection. Our containers are designed to meet the needs of various industries.

Your Partner in Advanced Lithium Safety Solutions

Choose Lithium Safety Containers for reliable and secure lithium safety containers. With our advanced technology, customizable solutions, and commitment to safety, we are your trusted partner in lithium battery safety. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help secure your valuable investments

Contact us now!

Secure a safer environment for your lithium batteries today. Discover the protection and peace of mind provided by our specialized lithium safety containers. Are you ready for an advanced storage solution that meets all safety requirements? Contact us directly for personalized advice and more information about our products and services. Your safety is our priority - let's work together for a safer future.

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In 2019, we began developing innovative lithium safety products in response to the growing demand for effective storage solutions for lithium batteries. With the knowledge and experience we have built up over the years, we offer you the assurance of a well-considered purchase. Trust in our expertise for safely storing your lithium batteries and invest with confidence in the safety of your business.




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Lithium, a powerful and widespread energy source in modern technology, requires special attention in storage to prevent accidents. PGS 37-1 and PGS 37-2, parts of the Dutch Publicatiereeks Gevaarlijke Stoffen (PGS), provide comprehensive guidelines for the safe storage of lithium batteries.  

PGS37-1: This guideline is intended for energy storage systems. We follow this guideline when producing a Lithium Safety EOS Container.

PGS37-2: This directive is meant for transportable lithium batteries. Think of scooter or bicycle batteries. We follow this guideline when producing a Lithium Safety storage or Charging Container.

For the full PGS37-1 click here.

For the full PGS37-2 click here.

PGS37 guideline and legislation

Do you need our help? 

We would love to help you with your questions! 

Find out how we can help you navigate the complex world of lithium batteries! From permit applications to consultancy, environmental notifications and raising safety standards - our expertise in this area is at your disposal. Click here to discover how we take the safe storage of lithium batteries to the next level!

Customers appreciate cooperation with us

Jan & Sabine Vermeulen | JAROCELLS

"I just wanted to take a moment to convey our sincere compliments for the excellent work you have done. It's rare these days to find a supplier who not only fulfills their promises but also maintains a level of quality and professionalism that exceeds expectations. What we truly appreciate is the communication, professional approach, and the quality of the work delivered. And of course, that you delivered as promised. We also adhere to the principle of 'a promise is a promise' and delivering the best possible product and customer experience. It's a pleasure to work with people like you who go above and beyond to ensure happy and satisfied customers. The men who installed everything in the container work very neatly, and the solution provided with the drainage (handling of the two upper windows in the facade) is truly superb!

In short, well-deserved compliments and a big fat 10 for you!"

Wat is thermal runaway?

Thermal runaway is een kettingreactie van chemische reacties binnen de accu, die leidt tot hoge temperaturen en druk. Dit kan uiteindelijk leiden tot brand of zelfs een explosie van de accu, met mogelijk ernstige gevolgen voor mensen en eigendommen.

Bekijk de video om de impact van thermal runaway te begrijpen en leer hoe je dit gevaar kunt minimaliseren. Veiligheid staat voorop!

Lithium-ion Accu Thermal Runaway: Gevaarlijke Brandverspreiding en Preventie

In deze indringende video wordt het fenomeen thermal runaway in lithium-ion accu’s gedemonstreerd. Je ziet een lithium-ion accu die aan de oplader ligt en vervolgens in thermal runaway gaat. De gevolgen zijn verwoestend: de brand verspreidt zich razendsnel en kan zelfs een hele e-scooterwinkel in de as leggen.

Preventie en Veiligheid:
  • Batterijbeheersysteem (BMS): Een goed BMS kan thermal runaway detecteren en voorkomen door de temperatuur en spanning van de accu te bewaken.

  • Off-gasdetectie: Het monitoren van gassen die vrijkomen tijdens thermal runaway kan vroegtijdige waarschuwingen bieden.

  • Veilige opslag: Bewaar lithium-ion accu’s op een veilige plaats, weg van ontvlambare materialen.

Veilig omgaan met lithiumbatterijen is van cruciaal belang vanwege hun potentieel voor brand en andere gevaren. Wil je meer weten over hoe je veilig kunt omgaan met lithium accu's? Klik dan op de knop hieronder voor meer informatie over het veilig gebruiken van lithium-ion accu's.

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