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Why Choose Lithium Safety Containers for Your Energy Storage Systems?

In the dynamic world of energy storage, safety is not just a priority, but a requirement. At Lithium Safety Containers B.V., we fully understand this and specialize in designing custom-made lithium-ion battery containers that fully comply with the standards of PGS37/1. This blog article highlights how our services can help you achieve a safe and efficient Energy Storage System (EOS/BESS) and the benefits it offers.

Our Expertise in Custom Solutions

Every energy storage system has its unique challenges and requirements. That's why at Lithium Safety Containers B.V., we offer fully customized solutions specifically designed to meet your specific needs. Our experts conduct detailed capacity calculations and design a safety scheme that not only meets but often exceeds PGS 37/1 standards.

Integrated Safety Designs

Safety is our top priority. Our team designs containers that provide maximum protection against thermal incidents, maintain structural integrity, and ensure optimal performance. We integrate the latest technologies in fire safety and emergency management systems, ensuring that your energy storage system can withstand any unforeseen situation.

Construction and Project Management

From concept to final product, we manage the entire design and manufacturing process at our facility in Den Bosch. This not only allows us to ensure quality and regulatory compliance but also to protect the safety and confidentiality of your product ideas. You can focus on other important aspects of your business, such as battery system design and the integration of smart software solutions for DC & AC systems, while we take care of the "safe shell" of your project.

Local Production, Global Quality Standards

All products are manufactured in our own production facility in Den Bosch, giving us complete control over the production process. This not only ensures short lead times and flexibility in production adjustments but also assures you of a product that meets both local and international quality standards.


Choosing Lithium Safety Containers B.V. means choosing safety, reliability, and innovation. Our custom solutions provide the assurance that your energy storage system operates safely and efficiently, supported by a team that demonstrates leadership in technical expertise and customer service. Contact us to discover how we can elevate your energy storage systems to the next level.

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