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Storage of Lithium Batteries

A safe storage system developed in accordance with the PGS37-2 & KIWA Certified. 

This application is often used for storing lithium batteries on pallets.


Charging Lithium Batteries

A safe storage system in which you can also charge batteries (smartly). This application is often used in shared mobility or micromobility. 

Developed in accordance with the PGS37-2 & KIWA certified. 

Vier identieke batterij-iconen met een bliksemschicht erin, gepositioneerd in elke hoek van een donkere achtergrond

Energy storage systems safety

A safe storage system in accordance with PGS37-1. If you build Energy Storage Systems, then this is the ideal solution for you. We build the safety and you build the batteries. This means you meet the requirements of insurers and  competent authority. 

Brandmeldpaneel aan muur met toetsenbord, twee onscherpe rode alarmen op voorgrond

Rent your temporary fire protection

Are you looking for a safe solution for the temporary storage of lithium batteries, or do you need a reliable replacement for a fire watch in emergency situations? Our temporary fire alarm protection solutions offer the perfect solution. We specialize in advanced systems specifically designed to address the unique risks associated with lithium batteries. Whether it's a temporary storage facility or an urgent replacement for a fire watch, our tailor-made solutions ensure maximum safety and peace of mind. Discover how our evacuation systems, thermal cameras on mobile masts, and certified wireless smoke detectors can protect you against the specific dangers of lithium batteries. Visit our page to learn more about our flexible rental or purchase options, and take the first step towards a safer environment.

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