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Fire on A67: Importance of Safe Storage of Lithium Batteries

On Thursday afternoon, April 18, a concerning incident occurred on the A67 near Eersel: a truck loaded with batteries caught fire, leading to a distressing situation on the highway. Although the fire was fortunately quickly extinguished, it still had significant consequences for traffic and once again highlighted the importance of safe storage of lithium batteries.

The fire department quickly arrived to combat the fire, but as a result of the incident, the highway was initially completely closed in both directions. Although traffic could later resume, motorists still had to contend with delays, especially in the direction of Belgium.

It is not yet clear what exactly caused the fire, but the incident underscores the importance of safety measures in the storage and transportation of lithium batteries. The risks of such fires can be significantly reduced by using special lithium safety containers, designed to minimize the risk of fire and explosions.

Currently, cleanup efforts are underway on the highway, leading to partial closure of the right lane towards the Belgian border. Cleanup is expected to continue until late in the evening, with possible further traffic disruptions.

As a leading supplier of lithium safety containers, we emphasize the importance of adequate safety measures in the storage and transportation of lithium batteries. Our high-quality containers offer a safe and reliable solution to minimize the risks of fire and explosion.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for safe storage of lithium batteries and protect your business from potential hazards.

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